Hi everyone, I’m an anthropology researcher conducting fieldwork in London. This blog has been created to register my research project developments, spontaneous thoughts, some fieldwork notes, images and ideas that I want to share, and questions that wander my head. Thus it is expected that here more than answers, questions will be posed.

My project titled Media Temporality and the Persistence of Polaroid Practice in the Digital Age, is focused on studying the current Polaroid revival and the different platforms that enable its existence. In a broader context, it also concentrates in assessing the role digital platforms, such as social media and Ebay, plays in the circulation and recirculation of ‘old’ media, contesting obsolescence and ultimately, the teleology of media.

I want to understand what is it that enables the existence of ‘old’ technologies such as Polaroid to exist today and what at the platforms that ‘help’ to make this happen. The role nostalgia plays in this whole process, and ultimately, what does this revival tell us about medias’ temporality.

During this year of fieldwork, I expect to meet Polaroid practitioners, refurbishers and upcyclers in order to understand their motivations and expectations towards the practice, and what they think about the place Polaroid, instant photography and analogue practices, inhabit today.

If you are a Polaroid user or are interested in instant analogue photography, feel free to drop me an email.